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ART &  LITERARY LINKS: is the official entertainment site of the artist and writer Nick Bantock. A place where you will find loads of new content including his latest book The Morning Star and where his original art is for sale. Browse the Chat-Archives Sandra Guzdek is an artist and webdesigner. She created one of the first Nick Bantock sites, because in her words, "When I first looked for a site about these books, there wasn't one. So I made one. I can't say that I remember the first time I saw Griffin and Sabine in the bookstore; I remember I was still in art school and all of my friends (all of us illustration and design students) discovered the first two books (Griffin and Sabine and Sabine's Notebook) practically simultaneously. We went absolutely mad for them. When we realized there was a third book out (The Golden Mean), we went to the bookstore as fast as our little feet and empty wallets could take us. And still we wanted more. "

Sherlock Holmes Professor Stephen DeLong, Director of Project Renaissance and Professor of Geology at Albany University, applies Sherlock  Holmes' powers of deduction and logic to solve the mystery: where in the world are Griffin & Sabine? This is an entertaining website that follows a trail of clues from the trilogy's correspondence. Dennis Jordan is a studio artist working in printmaking, collage and letterpress. He is also the owner operator of Jordan Printery, which is in the business of printing and selling handcrafted greeting cards, monoprints, faux postal artistamps, cinderella labels, and coupons. Check out Chapter 8 for Dennis' editorial on meeting Nick Bantock during his 1999 Seattle book tour. The Inkwell is an intelligent and witty writer's and reader's conference. Interviewing authors and asking probing questions about real, complicated ideas, moral issues, but also "How Was Your Book Tour?" "What's Terry Gross really like?" "How can you tell who is the psychopath at the book signing?" You, dear reader, will have avenues to join the discussion by sending in your email questions. Okay, you won't find William Shakespeare's pages in - he hasn't exactly been on the bestseller's list lately! But if his recent box office success has inspired you to read the original works, then this link is for you. The bookshelves are organized to simplify your search by categorizing over 6,000 titles into Plays, Acting, Children, Reference, Women, Biography, Audio, Film, Words, Wit, Authorship, and Teaching Resources. This website is both a great time saver and an excellent educator about one of the greatest authors of all times.

Morandini is an artist and journalist in São Paulo, Brazil. His logos, drawings, and illustrations have been used in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, print advertising, CD covers, books, videos and murals. See a wide variety of mediums and styles in his playful portfolio.

CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE LINKS: Ceremony of Innocence is a spellbinding electronic theatre of the imagination.This CD-ROM takes the beautiful and mysterious love affair of Griffin & Sabine  to a whole new level of interaction and mystique. It has swept the Electronic Media Awards around the world with its enchanting interactive retelling of the mystical story. Visit the distributor Khyber Pass to read rave reviews.

See book publisher below Visit Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio to get a behind the scenes look at the making of the Ceremony of Innocence. The production of this CD-ROM took a world class team of animators, multimedia artists, musicians and programmers, almost three years to make. Follow the above hyperlink to download and experience two interactive letters from Griffin & Sabine.

Visit Artful Dodger for Bookplates MAIL-ART & STAMP-ART LINKS:

Limited Edition Rubberstamps are known worldwide for their unique specialty stamps. They offer interactive rubber stamps that feature moving parts, hidden images and dimensional designs. New on the horizon are Grand Adventures, collage style stamps from well-known artists. Coming soon is a special boxed set of stamps designed by Nick Bantock, allowing you to create richly decorated  Griffin & Sabine style letters and envelopes. RubberStampMadness is an on-line magazine for rubber stamp artists and collectors. It is packed with great reading and lots of art: projects and cards, collage, tips and techniques, convention information, and galleries of reader's art. You'll even find profiles and interviews of artists like Nick Bantock, who used mail-art and stamp-art in the best-selling Griffin & Sabine trilogy. Cyberstampers: Stamping Across the Internet. An on-line convention where rubberstamp enthusiasts can see new products, take workshops, visit with friends, and discover new companies in the crafter's mall.

PUBLISHER LINKS: Chronicle Books have published many stylish books on art, pop culture, and adult fiction. They are the publisher of Barbara Hodgson's Paris Out of Hand, The Tattooed Map, and The Sensualist. Chronicle is also the publisher of Nick Bantock's early works including The Venetian's Wife, Capolan, plus the Griffin & Sabine Trilogy. HarperCollins is the publisher of Nick Bantock's Forgetting Room and The Museum at Purgatory. Inside their writer's world are pages on their authors, including bios, excerpts, and tour dates. Also check out which publish the books of other distinguished Canadian authors. Raincoast has earned a reputation for publishing books that capture the beauty of Canada's West Coast. As the Canadian distributor for over 40 national and international publishers, Raincoast Books offers a selection of titles ranging from funky social commentaries to graphic design, and exquisite gift items like Griffin & Sabine's Writing Box and Postcards. Be sure to visit Harry Potter and the growing list of children's books too.



[Note: to hear and see the following audio and video interviews, a media-player is required. If you already use Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later), then MS MediaPlayer was installed automatically on your computer. If you are using an earlier version of IE (3.0 or earlier) then click on MS MediaPlayer for a free download] Bravo is the NewStyleArtsChannel, bringing multi-media video clips about the arts to the internet, including movies, books, documentary film, and jazz. Our favorite part of the site is BookTelevision, where you can watch TV interviews with famous authors.

Visit Artful Dodger for Bookplates World Webcast Network, delivering the best interactive broadcast over the internet. On their show called BookWeb, you'll get up close and personal with authors of the greatest works of our time. Media Relations expert and former Washington, D.C. attorney Stan Emert will bring you the world through the latest pages between the covers, and the authors who wrote them.

MORE BOOK LINKS: The largest new and used bookstore in the world is one of Fan-dango's favorite independents. They are especially useful to source out of print books. If you are still trying to find a rare copy of Nick Bantock's Averse to Beasts, try searching Powell's Books. Nine million used, antiquarian and rare books, periodicals and ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world make this the largest and most interesting bookselling site on the Web. If you are looking for more links to the book world, here is a good collection of on-line bookstores and much more.

Catharton is a place that helps you find out about specific artists, authors, directors and musicians. Since it provides you with useful links to their chatrooms, message boards and websites -- you can talk about them with other fans..



Ghostland was described in a five star review with Uncut magazine as "a stunning soundtrack of beats, ambient stylings and startling dynamics". The trio of Caroline Dale, Justin Adams and John Reynolds have worked with everyone from Oasis to Bjork and from Sinead O'Connor to Simply Red. Yet despite this glittering array of credits and their in-demand status, the trio have no hesitation in rating Ghostland's atmospheric and haunting Interview With The Angel the most exciting album they have made in their careers to date.

ERA's music is spellbinding and has a timeless quality that could have been recorded three centuries ago...or in three centuries' time. Akin to the atmosphere created by the finest string ensemble, the choir breathe words and fractured phrases using a imaginary language reminiscent of Latin. ERA's melodies let the listener invent their own myths and imaginary journeys in a world of legends.

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