Nick Bantock

NICK BANTOCK is the creator of the phenomenon known as Griffin & Sabine, the bestselling trilogy that sold over three million copies and spent 100 weeks on the New York Times' bestseller list. Fan-dango presents Bantock's newest creation The Artful Dodger and the complete catalog of his books. Also new and noteworthy is Nick's new entertainment website called where you can read about his latest books and where his original art is for sale.


BARBARA HODGSON is the author, artist and designer of several illustrated novels that are brought to life by an amazing array of archival photographs, antique postcards, and rare engravings. She is an inveterate traveller and collector with a chronic case of wanderlust. Follow Barbara's exotic adventures through the swaying poppy fields of India to the smoke-laden Opium dens of Asia and Europe, by clicking on her featured book cover.


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