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Paige & Liz: An Extraordinary Correspondence

From: Paige, Knoxville TN


Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to my friend Liz over the internet almost two years ago. She was in Japan at the time, serving as a medical doctor in the US Air Force. We have become very close friends, in spirit. Much to our dismay, however, we have not yet met each other in person. We are both from Upstate New York, originally, and Liz is back there now. I live in Tennessee. I'm hoping to get home to NY for Christmas so I can share the holiday with Liz, her husband Kevin, and their little boy Alex ... but we have missed each other a couple times in the past when we've planned to meet. G&S have been favorites of mine for many years. I've read their mail again and again. Liz's birthday is in October and I'm sending the trilogy to her as a gift. I know she'll enjoy it and I think the theme fits our situation rather nicely. Thank you, Mr. Bantock, for sharing your gifts so others might share them with each other as well. God Bless, Paige

Last changed: December 11, 2005