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Re: You might remember me...

From: Mimi, Washington State


Thanks for your reply. Is there a particular image from that book that you identify with or is it the work as a whole that represents you? I have another question....My sister worked for a magazine that was based in Bellingham, WA. One of their book reviewers talked to you, I believe, in an interview type style and gave my sister contact information for you. I have that information, but I would never dream of writing to you without your permission. I will not give your address to another person because I believe that you have every right to keep your private life to yourself. If it adds some incentive I've been making my own stationary for years and I usually take a couple of days to write a letter. I think most people that have received a letter from me would say it was worth it. I'm very interested in getting some ideas from you that may lead to a more therapudic and creative art in my life. I'm also thinking of getting together a one-woman show or biography on what I've experienced in my 24 years on this planet. So many people that hear my story suggest something like that. I would love to hear more about your life and maybe some more of your stories like the one with the girl that you couldn't keep your eyes off of and she ended up sitting for your life class. Still, it is up to you. Thanks again. Mimi Applebaum

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