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An Idea to Discuss & Thanks to be Given

From: John, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


To Nick Bantock and to whoever else is reading this message. Greetings, my name is John Huculiak and have been a fan of your art and your stories since around 1990-1991. I have read everything that can find of yours, from "A Verse to Beasts" to "Capolan", and enjoyed each for its uniqueness (that's the best word that I can presently come up with to describe it). I look forward to obtaining your CD-ROM to view, when I have the money for it. As for the Griffin & Sabine chronicles, the viewpoints and the philosophies behind it. I will not say that it changed my life, but it certainly brought a few things to my attentions. I am quite sure that you have heard these comments before, but it never hurts to hear them again, right?:) I am also writing you regarding an idea for a novel, that I've been playing around with for sometime now. I wanted to get your take on it, and see if you could throw a few suggestions/ comments my way for developing it further. Since I do not have your direct e-mail address, I thought that I would try to reach you here. If you could please reply to me at: tarotman@bellnet.ca with a more direct way to send you my premise for your viewing, I would greatly appreciate it. I am well aware that you are probably bombarded with people asking for your time, along with being quite busy with touring, writing, and such; I would understand, if you could not spare some time to bounce ideas with me. I would still be a devoted reader of your works, regardless. Thank you for your time, and peace be with you. Respectfully, John Huculiak (tarotman@bellnet.ca)

Last changed: December 11, 2005