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Re: Because inquiring minds like the snow...

From: Jeremy Singapore


Hello Tyson. well i appreciate ur take on religion and philosophy. personally, b4 i found Christ, i was on a rampage of religion hopping. i was empty and needed to find the Divine. i went researching Buddhism, Wicca, Hinduism, and all other sorts of hocus pocus. i came off feeling even emptier, and more disillusioned. then i felt a calling from God, to come back to His only begotten Son. b4 that, i've always felt that Christians were all hypocrites and money suckers. but after experiencing Divine Love for myself, i've never felt anything like that b4. i was like being kissed by God full on the lips. the ecstacy was so profound that i never wanted it to end, which is why i'm still sticking around. of cos Christians ain't perfect, they're merely saved by divine grace. anyway, to answer sumthing u said abt Jesus being the self proclaimed "enlightened one". true, He did made such claims abt Himself, which was totally taboo in His time, esp with all the strict laws imposed by the Pharisees. but He was only echoing what prophets and the Scriptures announced abt Him thousands of years b4 He came. He fufilled every single prophecy abt Himself, that was unanimously proclaimed by diff prophets. thus His witness does not stand alone. The Spiritual Junkie, Jem

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