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A philosophical question, of sorts

From: Frances, OH


I’m sure my approach to philosphy is ridiculously simplistic: questions with either too many answers, or no answers at all. In that simplistic spirit, then, and for Arete, et al., here is a question about which I have been wondering (and this does seem like a better place than most to ask) – What, indeed, is the nature of creativity? ...Is it inborn, that is, genetic?...Can it be learned? (Or, conversely, can it be repressed?) What best fosters a creative spirit? I started thinking about this a few months back, when a friend, a wonderful artist, passed away...and I understood that, on a very basic level, he saw things in a manner very different than I...and he expressed what he saw and felt in ways I cannot. So...what was it like to see “through” his eye? I think Mr. Bantock and the artists and others who visit this site would have insights different than mine on the nature of creativity, and perspectives that would broaden my own...will you share?

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