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Re: Because inquiring minds like the snow...

From: Tyson - Beaver Meadow


Hi Jeremy, "In short, my philosophy in life is that Life itself without the vision or presence of God is empty and meaningless." The crossover between religion and philosophy is very interesting (at least I think so). I think your philosophy is widely applicable, and indeed many religions would agree with it. The problem would occur when we start trying to define terms like God (and Goddess and all the other variations). Religion is the dogma that tells you how these terms should be defined. The Rastafarian religion hints at God being contained within the individual (I the man and I the God). I believe that Wiccans (and feel free to correct me here - I know there's lot's of you out there) would tend to believe that God resides in every blade of grass (i.e. nature). Ironically enough, Buddhists say the quest for enlightenment can not begin until one has reached a state of emptiness. I'm not sure that I would agree with your statement about the quest for higher knowledge being a result of 'dissatisfaction with living an the horror that pervades the world'. I think this says more about your outlook on the world then the current state. "During times like this, it is important to remember there have always been times like this." I find the world a wonderful, peaceful, and pleasantly bewildering place. PS Wasn't Jesus the original self proclaimed "enlightened one". I wonder if the people of his time said the same thing about him? Your friend, Tyson (not a prophet, just a simple man)

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