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Re: Because inquiring minds like the snow...

From: Nancy, Boston


Hey Prophet JEM, I though L-O-V-E was supposed to be ubiquitous, unjudging, indefinable, exquisite. You've got Brand X. Just prodding you a for a bit of fun. Psychologists actually define the different ways that people frame the experience of the sacred. That embraces religiousity and philosophy. What it boils down to is an honest appraisel of how any one individual accesses a feeling of "greater than oneself". The trick is to not bang each other over the head over our differences of opinion. My personal prophet is a machine. A camera. The Hubble telescope looked into a universe that exists in dimensions beyond our wildest imagination. It put, for me, all earth bound discussions of religious differences and disagreements permanently to rest. The world around us is an illustration of the exquisite and profound, from the tiniest quantum stuff to unimaginable universes beyond us. It's awsome and challenges us to evolve and live up to a greater potential

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