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Re: Because inquiring minds like the snow...

From: Jeremy Singapore


In short, my philosophy in life is that Life itself without the vision or presence of God is empty and meaningless. (not that anybody cares abt that) it is only when a person is filled to overflowing with love that emanates from the Eternal Father that he can truly be considered fufilled. too much of philosophy today is full of jibberish and pseudo-intellectual junk that comes from the lips of self proclaimed "enlightened ones". true, philosophy is abt the human condition, but why did it come abt in the 1st place? it is becos of the dissatisfaction with living and the horror that pervades the world. Man is always trying to explain why certain things happen. there really ain't a need for that, cos when u put the One Thing that matters in the whole equation of human existence-GOD, everything else dissolves, and u get the answer to LIFE. try it and u'll see that i'm quite right. So speaks the "prophet", JEM

Last changed: December 11, 2005