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Because inquiring minds like the snow...

From: Arete, Waterloo


Dear Mr. Bantock, Thank you for your reply! "Philosophy" is my favorite perfume. I wear it everyday. My particular scent is called Saving Grace, but I don't like to talk about that in public.. :) To answer your question--In my opinion, philosophy smacks of religion too often, as philosophy can be somewhat a guide for the human condition. And those that speak of philosophy sometimes take those few words they've read or digested and turned them into something dangerously new and tailored to their own view like "The Handmaid's Tale" or something of the sort and ask people to join them in their goup of 'learned individuals' and the last thing we know is that they're offering us grape kool-aid and everlasting peace... On a more simplistic (and less caustic) note, one's own philosophy can be a personal sentiment, and one that people formulate over time (or haven't thought through completely)..so to discuss it can be like asking something as personal as, "So, how much do you make a year??" Thank you! Arete

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