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Why is it considered a social blunder to talk about philosophy?

From: S New Jersey


Perhaps it is the word rather than the subject that truly intimidates people. Everyday discussions involve differences in opinion and religion, and yet most wouldn’t consider their afternoon spent in a philosophical chat. While sentences starting with “I read somewhere that…” and “Kant says that…” might end in exactly the same way – the second form tends to trigger heart palpitations (Kant – Kant …I think his first name was Immanuel. Was he that nihilist guy? Was that Nietzsche? Damn it, who’s Kant?) Though the prodding of holes in people’s educations can lead to defensiveness and name calling (Pseudo-intellectual windbag, why doesn’t he talk about something useful?) esoteric thoughts and ideas can be welcomed by even the most cantankerous of individuals if it’s done gently (if not stealthily!)

Last changed: December 11, 2005