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Re: You might remember me...

From: Mimi-WA state


Thanks for your reply. My sister went to the Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo exhibition in Vancouver B.C. a couple of weeks ago. (You may have gone yourself.) She went mainly to see the O'Keeffe paintings, but found herself amazed by Kahlo's. She was struck by some of the similarities that I have with Kahlo. Before the exhibit she had never really known about Frida Kahlo's struggle with polio and the terrible streetcar accident that shattered her lower torso and any expectations of a "normal" life. Kahlo was half Mexican and half Jew. I am half Ukrainian Jew and half French Catholic. She paints herself almost exclusively and I use my image as well. Most of the time that I’ve seen her work I have only seen the many sitting self-portraits that she is known for. Not until I had already created many pieces of my own did I realize that the other way that she portrays herself is eerily familiar. Pieces like “A Few Little Pricks”-1935 and “Henry Ford Hospital”-1932 gave me chills when I first saw them. Her images are brutally honest and sometimes hard to look at. I think I can identify with her pieces even more because her issues dealt with weakness and terrible trauma to her lower body; my cancer is mainly in the liver and my liver is 50% larger than it should be for someone my age. She must have felt that she was lacking as a female, as a mother figure and as a human. I feel that I am full of poisons that cause my body to stretch and contort into odd shapes to adjust to the enlarged organs and crushed intestines and stomach that my body is hosting. Of the pieces that you have published which ones do you feel express you, Nick Bantock, as a person? Not as a character or a narrator, but you. If you do have works published like that do you feel comfortable with them being seen by the public and how would you feel about selling them? I’m still debating as to which artistic road I want to take as a career. Theatre has been my passion for years and years, but fine art was there for me when I needed a voice. I suppose either way I’ll probably have to be satisfied with living a humble life. That shouldn’t be too hard. -Mimi

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