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Duende - Sounds

From: Christopher - USA


Mr. Bantock, Currently I'm finishing a CD of Ambient music entitled "Duende" inspired a great deal by your book "The Forgetting Room". I would like your permission to quote the following for the CD liner notes. Duende: Evil spirit, Inspiration The Duende is a power The Duende is of the Earth - the dark sounds a struggle, not a concept. The Duende is not in the throat it surges up from the soles of the feet. It is the blood of ancient culture of creative action. It calls one out. Additionally I would like to mention you and the Forgetting Room as inspiration for the music. The CD is due for release mid-August 2002. I would also like to send you a copy of the work for your enjoyment. Yours, Christopher Short - Ma Ja Le psilosonics@aol.com www.majale.com - music site www.cosmicdreamscapes.com - art gallery

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