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graphic design

From: pam, australia


dear nick i'm a fledgeling graphic design student in esperance, wa. as a final project my class was told to choose an artist and write a 250 word article on the person( in the style of 'creative review') and illustrate it with our own work but in the style of the artist we have chosen. no points for guessing who i picked. i love your artwork. i was wondering if i could use the information in your many interviews and the artful dodger (which hopefully the perth library will soon send down) for my article. i am thinking about illustrating the piece with a postcard correspondance with a grandfather i have never known. i am also doing a certificate vi art and design course at the local university (part time) and am hoping to be able to use some of my coursework for the art. do you have any words of advice on creating the artwork? there is so much i would like to ask, how do you create your pictures? what medium do you use? what techniques...do you use the computer much? how do you create your textures? do you start with a good idea of what you want the piece to look like or does it develop? regards pam

Last changed: December 11, 2005