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Re: Yet another casting idea

From: Liza  Detroit, Michigan


I think I know what you mean. Someone like Bill Pullman, where he's more brains than brawn and yet has a sensual magnetism (I find humour extremely sensuous). Still waters running deep and all that. I've been reading the various posts for awhile and I am not completely sure about the suggestions thus far, so Paul Reiser is a nice surprise. I can understand the idea to search for a total unknown. Perhaps someone with a theatre background. This man would need to able to express the torture of not wanting to hope for too much and yet having precious little choice. What's the name of that fellow on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" He reminds me of a younger and stockier Matt Frewer.

As for Sabine, I don't picture someone fair and ethereal. To me, she would be dark and smoky, yet ready to laugh at a moment's notice. Rather like Selma Hayek in "Dogma."

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