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The subconscious triumphs

From: Tyson - Beaver Meadow


Well, It appears that I have again managed to let my subconscious run away with my physical body. Of course the linear mind had no idea this was happening. I was mucking around with some items on one of the book shelves (I believe I was looking for green ink for my crow quill pen), when I noticed that my Bantock section appeared a bit thin. Upon inventory I noticed that my two favorite books were gone - Wings, and Kubla Khan. Because I live alone, I knew it was me that had 'lost' them, but which me? I finally came to the conclusion that I, during one of my 'spells' must have hidden the books on myself. Upon reflection, I have been feeling a bit lost since I completed my NB collection. I did reap great rewards while looking for the missing books. I found many old gems that I had forgotten about, including a favorite Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as annotated by Martin Gardner. I also found another edition of Journey to Capolan, which I gave to a friend as a wedding present. I highly suggest tipping over your bookshelves and rummaging aimlessly.

All the best, Tyson, on a rather dusty day in the Beaver

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