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Sol and Luna

From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hey Nick!! pardon me for not posting for so long. i was away in National Service. but anyway, i came across an astonishing discovery yesterday at the bookstore. i picked up a book entitled "Jung and the Alchemical Imagination"(i could be wrong abt the title). the book was relating how alchemists go thru a series of processes to attain the philosoher's stone. it included a huge references to the Book of Lambspring. i came across this emblem that has Sol and Luna united as One, standing on a creature that is exactly the same as the Gryphon icon in ur G&S books. there were 5 crowns surrounding the One. in the Book of Lambspring, it explains that the king and the queen(Sol and Luna), aka the ego and the self has achieved unity, not unlike the Golden Mean. the creature that they stand upon is a dragon, which symbolises chaos. this goes to show that the One has conquered chaos. easy to understand, eh? the winged ball represents the essence of the unity of the 2 opposite entities. the 5 crowns symbolises completeness. now, i'm curious, whether Mr Bantock urself got the inspiration for the Gryphon from the emblem, or was it all a beautiful serendipitous miracle? but honestly, the emblem summarizes the theme of the G&S books so beautifully. i would think i was led to discover it by destiny, drawing me closer to whatever mystery the universe of the Gryphon has to offer.

With my best wishes to all, God Bless!! JEM

Last changed: December 11, 2005