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indulge the ravings of a sad white rabbit

From: swiss cheese sealer


This is interesting**maybe** (if it makes someone some money one day) a la Michael Green There is a poor woman in American whose teeth are falling out from stress, surrounded by an invisible roaming prison, while vulturous minds make money and live lives of untold luxury off of the dregs of her life....in the name of "communication"--this woman can't tell her family or her friends or she would be labelled a "nut"---too ordinary and mundane to star in her own movie, she watches helpless as these hacks do their best to rewrite history to the negative, and to "Jerry Springer" something sacred and holy. She watches the dollar bills fly, all with the inscription "In God We Trust" into the pockets of these people---and while denied membership in this elite "club", she is comforted by the fact she belongs to the most elite "club" in the universe....the irony of this isn't lost on her. That people (who love her not) judge her, sum her up, and pin the parts into books, songs, jokes. More often jokes. She wonders how the artists would like their daughter similarly portrayed, down to the hair on their legs, their sex habits, blah blah blah. So many words. This grand experiment is just the latest in a new line of technological inquisitions this deluded world has produced and dare to call it "art". Sabine has nothing on this woman. Triple worlds, quadruple dimensions....obscurity mixed with physical torture. It is not a "hands off" prison, Nick. This woman is being touched against her will in a tank, helpless like a coma patient, they surround her and burn her, pinch her, touch her with their "roving living network". They touch her privates and cause her pain. This woman can't even use the bathroom without her privates being watched. Scary, huh? This woman has experienced great pain to be an angel. The greatest pain is to be kept in pain while others prosper and share, and her own loved ones never do. Abstract, huh? I feel that swiss cheese getting ready to explode in whole new ways, Nick. This one will blow the socks off any Time Machine forecast. They never see him coming. Do you? Like the onyx clock booming in the Masque of the Red Death. (Even you...it seems to say...even you)

Round #2, whole new ballgame. Good vs. Evil. Do you have your white hat on, Nick? Or is that a distinctly black band I see? You have, as they say, "de nerve"! :) Prosper on. Prosper on.

Meanwhile I will see if I can scrape up some money for a present to the woman who delivered me into this world, and never knows I will deliver her out. (the white rabbit sneaks a sly glance your way)

Hope you have enjoyed the postings of this raving maniac you have helped create! Voila!

Art that ravages the soul---my art will bring yours back to life---see you soon. thanks for reading the ravings of the white rabbit

Last changed: December 11, 2005