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Re: g&s casting

From: Tyson - Beaver Meadow


Hi A.

I agree that it would be a disappointment to see a G&S movie done in a conventional style. I don't think it would do justice to author. But what if you never really saw their faces? What if their identity was totally obscured so that you couldn't even tell if it was the same actor playing both parts. Rather then using the 'hiding behind the white picket fence' method, I envision something like use of shadow and fog. Maybe some odd camera angles. Just enough so you can tell it's a person. And lots and lots of footage of scenery, and of course the obligatory reading of the cards/letters. And a car chase, we're definitely going to need a car chase...

Best, Tyson - suddely realizing ANOTHER reason why I'm here in the Beaver instead of Hollywood.

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