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Film (I Know It's Hollywood, but...)

From: Heather, USA (Michigan)


Hello, I don't know if I'm behind on the info, but I do have a few suggestions on actors and music that may be appropriate for the film in the works. Mr. Bantock, I respect you immensely and feel that your gift is amazing. The mystical element in your books leads me to actors who play "character roles"...or who have proven themsleves as fine actors (not just pretty faces). How about Billy Crudup, Benicio del Toro or Ed Harris as Griffin? And, Robert Downey, Jr. would be incredible, but he does have his demons who like to get in the way of his fine talent. And, as Sabine, Cate Blanchett or Robin Wright Penn. Someone with great depth seems a must, no? For the music, Tori Amos could lend her eclectic, moving notes and lend itself to the atmosphere of Griffin & Sabine.

And, a side note, I cherish all of your works, but to this day, "The Forgetting Room" is the one that stays with me the most. Thank you for your work and your decision to take a chance with two little ones on the way.


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