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Re: Overcast Skies and Rain Swept Thoughts

From: Artemisia, Columbus


Did I somehow create the impression that I knew what I was talking about?...I come by my interest in Egyptology by way of bio-anthropology, not cultural, so some Egyptologist out there will really be amused by this. The blue pyramid seems to be a funerary object; possibly associated with Nephthys, Set’s sister/wife (the leaf symbol, to the right of the green sun disc is, phonetically, “nhb”; Nephthys is also known as Nebt-het). Nephthys was also associated with life after death (the giving of eternal life, as you note) I can’t make out the name in the cartouche, although the “egg” symbol would indicate a queen. I’ll work a bit more on the symbols on the bottom; your eyesight is rather better than mine. Other than noting that this text is read from right to left (as is the top portion), I can’t tell you anything.

The symbols on the “Agriculture Egyptienne” card come from a larger text...check out the dust jacket for a bit more of it. The five symbols on the card are from the first five lines on the jacket...I can read some of the individual symbols , but can make no sense of the whole. It seems to involve Isis, her son Horus, Thoth, and (maybe) the “place of death.” Which means it could be any of at least three Egyptian myths, or maybe Nick made the whole thing up. Or maybe I did. Have fun...

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