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inspiration indeed !

From: OZ Canada


After years of perusing your 'labours of love' decyphering and pouring, with my children and alone.. i am moved to see if i can find you, to tell you that you have more than inspired. Your Artful Dodger made its way into a highschool art class where a whole new library of minds were opened to your innovation. Who knows what sketches of the imagination will 'fleurish' (french word: meaning to bloom in profusion when annointed with creativity) when exposed to such rich imagery? I wish i could send an actual letter, complete with exotic stamp that you may find your mailbox ever present with surprizes, however, by the looks of this 'chatterbox' you would be inundated. Let it suffice that the cyberwaves shall have to carry the intent. I remain, in awe and gratefulness, OZ

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