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Overcast Skies and Rain Swept Thoughts

From: Zipporah Aviva USA


Alas, my week of leisure (aka Spring Break) has been one of overcast skies and rain swept thoughts. On the sunny side was the opportunity to crack open my copy of the Gryphon instead of Trawick's Florida Practice and Procedures. Among my favorite stamps were those of Jeanne d'Arc and Sandra Bernhardt. Among my favorite images were the postcards of the falcon and the falconer, the stalking lion, and the aerial view of the pyramids at ghizeh. I am curious about the numbers and letters bordering the postcard Isabella sends to Matt with the three fantastic creatures on it. I noticed many curious things (stamps, addresses, and messages at ever changing locations, messages written upside down, upside down stamps, Griffin and Sabine's handwriting morphing into one) and it has left me wondering. I enjoyed flexing my linguistic muscles on the French writings but I haven't a clue as to what the Arabic or Egyptian Hieroglypics mean. Care to shed a ray of light into the dark cave that is my mind?

Last changed: December 11, 2005