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Something I thought you might enjoy

From: Sir Fief Banning, Ajna Creek India (visiting)


thank you for your response nick, and i doubt anybody's egypt is the same.

while i was there i had the good fortune of taking a very small and controlled tour of the desert. while i was hiking i was hiking up a ridge some rocks gave away underneath my right foot. when i picked my foot up from over the cliff (a bit of a start that) i found half buried in the rocks what i can only describe as what once was a sphere but stretched into three points. the entire thing is almost obsidien but there is a very small very bright azure blue center. when i asked my tour guide about it he told me that they are a vary rare find and are considered good luck. i can not remember the name he gave it, but i remember the translation was "jehari's proof". there was a tale that my guide told of how a woman was accused of being unfaithful by A MUTT who spread the RUMOUR. she was sentenced to go out into the desert by her husband. in his dreams the night before she was to leave he was visited by a cat who was a SPY for bas (a god i am told by my god in the egyptian pantheon). he was told to give her a task, the man wanting to believe she was pure agreed and gave his wife "jehari" a task, she had to return with a black stone from the white sands of the desert. only the gods could give her such an impossible gift, and they would only do so if she was indeed pure. plus the husband knew that such a stone would show her purity even beneath the darkness of the rumours. she left for what seemed as AGEs but indeed after finding an oasis, in the middle of the small pool, jehari found her proof. i was told this is one of many instances why dogs were not revered nearly as much as cats were in egypt.

i realize i am by no means the storyteller you are nick, but since you have given me so many stories, i wanted to return the favour. -fief

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