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Egyptian Jukebox

From: Matt in Mass.


I posted this yesterday, but (presumably due to the server problems?) I can't seem to find it today, so I'm going to do it again. I have a few Egyptian Jukebox questions. I'm to the point where I can make a reasonably educated guess as to the final solution, but I haven't solved all the drawers. I can't really understand the point of the Songs, so for any drawers in which the song is part of the clue, I'm lost. Is there something obvious there that I'm missing? Also, is there any significance to the order of the gods' names at the beginning of the book? Is there anything meaningful in the pattern of black lines on the top and left edges of each drawer? Or am I reaching too far? Thanks in advance to Mr. Bantock, or anyone else who can help me out (without giving too much away).

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