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The Lost Art of Letters

From: Zipporah Aviva USA


To my delight an article about you popped up on my start page at earthlink the other day. This site was referenced in the article. I have read each book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy and to my delight was given the Gryphon by my mother this past Hanukkah. The gift was all the more bittersweet with the anthrax scare we experienced. I smiled as I read over one of the posts where you mention that you are in Vancouver. My father is from there. One of my most cherished letters is one that my grandpa sent me when he was illustrating a childrens' book. In it are colored ink illustrations and a story about the watermelon patch on he and my grand-ma's farm. The farm was sold long ago and he and my grandma have since past away but the letter and the memories that it evokes will stay with me all my days. Vive la lettre!

Last changed: December 11, 2005