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Re: a direct portal from eye to dream?

From: Ceremony of Innocence


Thanks, found a toll free number and found that it runs on Windows 98 and 95. So if you're buying it as a present (as I am) find out what system is being used. Interesting reading through previous posts as I searched. I hope people don't go to far into trying to decipher symbols in your work. I think it takes all the personal magic out of it. My choice for Griffen casting is the British actor who was in "The Truth About Cats and Dogs", forget his name. And an exotic unknown for Sabine. Just to keep it mysterious and interesting. Music Avro Part and Jewel and Red Priest playing Vivaldi or some other early Italian composer. Maybe some Japonese drumming. The G & S world according to Nancy.

Last changed: December 11, 2005