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of the profound Bostonians

From: Kairrai, Boston


I met my grandmother in the letters she wrote to my grandfather while he was stationed at Pearl Harbor in WWII. I found my mothers heart in the letters she wrote to my father when he was stationed in Vietnam as a front lines Marine. I found all of them in your books, even myself. I look a the b&w picture of my grandma at my age and see my own face smiling back at me and wonder where my navyman is, if my letters will ever reach him.

In this day and age it seems everything is turned to a commodity, the watercolor I poured my soul into yesterday will probably be considered for a cheap box of tea but the art director will want to know if they can change the pallet to neon. In this world when everyday people speak without listening, write without feeling and get glassy eyed while wandering through a world of juicy imagery it seems G&S falls into its own category, a respite of something with meaning. With every generation the youth become more complex and cynical, the traditional and old ways of doing things are passť, but I think my grandparents and parents understood something without knowing it, something people seem to lack today. Men treated a lady like a lady, people worked hard, took time for picnics and sunsets (the little moments that count), families were connected and at the end of the day when you went to bed if you had the one you loved next to you then you could dream of nothing better. You spoke on St. Valentines of the force behind the work, the desire to create/deunde. Perhaps Nick, your work is to inspire a generation who never learned what the generations behind me knew in their letters. Life is short, it’s the journey not the destination, that doing isn’t the same as accomplishing and we are all connected. We are all looking for our own Griffin or Sabine, but we have to find our own paths and walk them first. Right now in my life I’m halfway between your dart story, and Griffin’s wandering encounter with Mercury... I don’t know where Alexandria or Morning Star will take us, but for the ride I thank you. I shall remain tenacious in my endeavors and hope you shall respond to this rambling. Best wishes-

Last changed: December 11, 2005