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I Need Help!!

From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hello Nick and everyone who may happen to read this. well u may think that i'm insane doing this, but i really have no where else to turn to. i sent a similar SOS email to all my frens and got different replies. some have been helpful, others have called me mad etc.... ok the story goes like this. i've a girlfren who currently lives in Edmonton Canada. now, i've abt 3 weeks to kill b4 i go into the army for National Service. during this time, being the Valentine season, my desire for her intensifies and i badly need to visit her. if u know anything abt love, u'll understand that what i'm facing now is pure torture, just like Matthew's and Isabella's situation. now, i'm very tight on cash and i'm frantically searching for cheap deals to fly from Spore to Edmonton. i found an airline that brings me to LA for around S$699, but i'll hafta take a domestic flight from there to Edmonton. i wonder if there are any affordable deals as to this. pls if anyone has any info, pls contact me at my email <krishnajunkie@hotmail.com>. all kinds of help are welcome, especially financial ones, heh heh. thank u all so much and God Bless!! Yours Truly, JER

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