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I think that if nothing is sacred anymore, and anyone can be "watched" ala 1984 Big Brother, that it would not be worth existing anymore, for although no one can enslave a human soul, I believe human nature dictates a basic need for privacy that is essential to our happiness and growth. I believe even if there were a way to make voyeurs "invisible", that the human soul records somehow that something is deeply wrong which would lead to people becoming strung out on antidepressants, kids shooting up schools, basically HELL ON EARTH, etc. A watched public is an unhappy public. If, say, an American girl could be caged in a stadium of eyes, and then if an artist sat back and made art work based on observations of her life taken against her will, that it is an electronic rape, and the artist has just created a diary of that rape. Then, if the girl were to stumble open that art work, and recognize herself, it is like hearing the rapist say over and over again, "Here, put on this color underwear. Its sexier." There would be the memory of the electronic rape, and then the canvas, like the echo of the rapist's voice, taunting her forever. I HATE IT AND ANYONE CONNECTED WITH IT. DON'T YOU? (HOLDS UP A GIANT MIRROR FOR NICK:))

Last changed: December 11, 2005