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Re: most enigmatic.......

From: Jeremy   Singapore


hallo Nick. i had a revelatory insight abt the gryphon while i was in Borders, flipping thru the pages. (ha! talk abt serendipity!--"insight, as always, is the key") u told me to examine the gryphon icon on the postcards, which i did, and i realised that the circle in which the tiny half creatures are spilling out from is from the icon!! it's the circle that the gryphon is surmounted upon. and i hope i'm right to presume that these creatures are Sabine's petroglyphs. in the last postcard to Matthew, she said that he is already her, and there were 3 creatures in the act of landing upon the label. am i right to suggest that the universe of the Gryphon has landed, and that Matthew is an integral part of it? what exactly is the significance of the Gryphon? really, sometimes, i myself feel that i'm slowly, but definitely drawn into the surreal and magical world of the Gryphon. and by the way, as a sidetrack, i love the gryphon icon immensely, and i was thinking if u have created any rubberstamps in that design. i'll love to own one of them and use it on my cards and letters. pls let me know concerning this issue, and where to get it, if it exists. Thanks a million and God BLess!!! JER

Last changed: December 11, 2005