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more questions for the Gryphon, and cast ideas

From: Jeremy   Singapore


hey Nick, it's me again. well i came across a few questions as i pondered more upon the "Gryphon". well, 1st off, i know that Paolo doesn't exist anywhere, but La Paz does. it's the capital of Bolivia. so by putting "La Paz pl" in the address, are u leading ur readers to a clue, perhaps to their location, or is there something else? 2ndly, why does Matthew use small letters for his letter O, like in PAoLo, as well as in numbers? i'm sure there's a significance to it, but i can't pinpoint to anything. if u can, pls enlighten me on this matter.

lastly, abt the casting for the movie of mini TV series. i've a few ideas for MAtthew and Isabella. as i suggested b4, i think Dylan McDermott and Charlize Theron would be perfect for Griffin and Sabine. as for the other 2, i suggest Scott Speedman and Keri Russell from "Felicity" fame. both have the passion and chemistry that requires for the roles. besides, they're real life lovers. well that's just my 2 cents worth. see ya around.

God Bless!! JER

Last changed: December 11, 2005