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mystical world of Griffin and Sabine

From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hey Nick! if u could use just one summative word, or image or picture to describe the world of Griffin and Sabine, what would it be and why?

just a ponderment of mine....i think that their world is not fictional, but real, as real as the sun. Nick, i dunno how u do it, but u have opened up a world that has been hidden for ever so long to such a wide audience around the globe. just look at all the post u get here!! everyone who has ever read G & S is instantly captivated by it, becos it opens us to a whole new world within our selves and psyches. i think that all of us have a little of Griffin and Sabine inside. but they are revealed thru the Trilogy. i thank u, Nick, for being the harbinger of this mystical and powerful world.

God Bless!!! JER

Last changed: December 11, 2005