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Re: Reflections on...your writing or  'C'est un pipe'

From: arete, Chicago


Dear Mr. Bantock, I guess the intimidation or fear factor comes from the thought of someone playing a joke on my sense of perception. We may be looking at the string, but ultimately that could, like you say, mean an infinite variety of things from the 'interpretation' of a string to the string of conciousness that runs throughout your books. That string is a tight rope too. One that many people are hesitant to start walking. I guess because we get stopped by the 'kangaroo' carrying it, or the scene in which it stands, or the infinite amount of other variables that can deterr you from forming a specific idea of the picture. It's a smoking gun and I don't know which metaphorical 'gun' the picture came from. So when I see an image I create a general idea but don't study it as much as what is written. This is just me, of course..other people may have other, better ideas on the subject.

Thanks, Arete

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