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CD ROM Questions

From: Khyber Pass Entertainment


Greetings all,

We are the Distributor of the CD ROM product "Ceremony of Innocence". We will try to drop in here from time to time and provide support where possible.

Two things have come up frequently (not counting how long it took us to get Ka-Yun's software out!) which include 1) Windows 2000 support and 2) How do I get back to where I was without starting over.

1) If you are running Windows 2000, I have bad news for you. At this stage there isn't any thought of re-manufacturing the product by Realworld. After winning eight international awards, the product was not well supported in the marketplace. So while it is an absoltely amazing use of Digital Art, it will not be recreated, yet, to support new platforms.

2) To Find Your place: Where you type your name in, there are two arrows (one on to and one on the bottom) They are small, and very subtle. Click on the arrow to find your last saved game. When it begins to run the Intro (again), hit the space bar and that will give you a menu of the cards you've seen.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have

Khyber Pass Entertainment

Last changed: December 11, 2005