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Re: Reflections on...your writing or  'Do not stand in a plac...

From: Nick


You make a good point. However you also make images sound intimidating. I look on them more like music. Certain themes are picked up then let go, then refound. Flux and flo is part of the mystery revealing itself. The more one listens so the smaller themes emerge. Looking at pictures is also like that. So often people fear they're missing a difinative answer--it's rarely true. I like the idea of people taking three years to notice the piece of string in the kangeroo's pocket in book 1. And then maybe another year to follow the various uses of string, rope and cord. And maybe they think about Griffin cutting himself free--being reborn. Or maybe they think about the thread of existence, or anything else that preoccupies them. It's letting go the fear of getting it right and using the images as tools. Much like we might use the I-Ching to stimulate an inner oracle. N

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