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Re: Why are we so attracted to/by your works?

From: wandernut, Kuala Lumpur


No other author has intrigued me as much as you have, Nick. From the day I read the G&S Trilogy, I was hooked. The Eygptian Jukebox was wonderful. And now the Gryphon. Now I can't wait for the next 2 books.

The writing and art leaves much more than words and pictures in our heads. There are so many ways to interpret every piece of work. And perhaps, we see own yearnings and daydreams in them. Anyhow, it takes amazing imagination to do what you do. I am most in awe of you, Nick. As a writer myself, I can only wish I will one day achieve that level of creativity. Till then, I will ardently follow your books.

For the movie, I think Robert Downey Jr would be perfect for Griffin. He has that 'pained' look. Sabine would be harder to cast.

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