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something abt Frolatti

From: Jeremy   Singapore


hey Nick, more questions to trouble u. i came across a most enigmatic postcard from Sabine to Matthew in "the Gryphon". it's the one with an ominous-looking hand, nearing the end of the book. in it, Sabine revealed something abt Frolatti and his like being "isolationists". now, this term is generally used in politics, describing countries which choose to remain aloof concerning affairs of the global scene. why is it used in this instance. and also, the term "disinformation" is another political term, meaning false knowledge and propaganda. these 2 terms have led me to consider Frolatti as the head of some worldwide organisation that plots evil constantly, or he is actually the Devil, as both the 2 terms point to some satanic characteristics. let me explain. well "disinformation" in reality is lies. Satan is called the father of lies. God, as a loving Father, would be ultimately concerned with the lives and issues of human beings, being his children. Satan on the other hand, being an isolationist would not give a hoot abt us. all he wants is to destroy us. personally, i'll go with the idea that Frolatti is some kind of an embodiment of Satan. the clues have pointed that right from the initial Trilogy. he's an Adversary, and a malevolent character. Sabine talks abt his Dark Angels and the smoke of their inferno. Matthew found scorch marks on his belongings when his flat was broken into, most probably by Frolatti. anyway, these are just some musings of mine. hope u clear some doubts for me.

God Bless!! JER

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