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Reflections on The Gryphon

From: Ebony, Toronto


I recieved the Griffin and Sabine trilogy many years ago when it was still new for Christmas and my birthday. (Thankfully, I only had to wait five days for the ending.) Since that time, I've been raving about the books. I never miss an opportunity to try to hook someone new on them, knowing that they are some of the best works I've ever read. Due to that, I was extremely nervous about reading The Gryphon.

That having been said, I recieved The Gryphon for Christmas (from two different people, actually, so at the moment, I have two copies.) Part of me expected a great deal, since it IS Nick Bantock's work, after all. Another part of me just knew that it couldn't possibly live up to the awe-inspiring first trilogy. I am very pleased to say that the latter part of me fell flat on its rump and is now busy eating crow.

The Gryphon doesn't just live up to the standards set by Griffin and Sabine. It comes close to surpassing them. Nick's attention to detail is, as always, exquisite, and the new story line makes so much sense, I'm amazed I didn't see it sooner. Initially, I fell in love with the sweet Griffin Moss, and found myself intrigued by the mysterious Sabine Strohem. Now I find myself loving (and identifying with) the painful interaction of Matthew and Isabella's long-distance romance. Their personalities are captured so perfectly in this first novel that I find myself falling in love all over again.

If I ever wondered what took so long to come out with the second trilogy, all my questions are answered. And with all that said, I can only say one thing more:

Thank you, Nick Bantock, for continuing to be my all-time favorite author/artist.

Last changed: December 11, 2005