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The Commedia dell' Arte

From: Punchinello


Despite a long standing interest of mine in the Commedia I had not given the idea that it's history may be a part of the imbedded content of "Griffin & Sabine" much thought. I always puzzled over the final postcard from Griffin in the first of the trilogy. "Pierrot's Last Stand." I could not fathom what significance Pierrot could have upon Griffin. (Outside of my _own_ personal mythology.) There were numerous images featured around the character that I could more easily establish a connection to. Heraldric imagery. That sort of thing. I know nothing of alchemical languages, however, and while I realize that themes of amalgamation and balance are internal to them, I'm sure that there were numerous themes in the trilogy which were lost on me.

I read "The Museum at Purgatory" some time ago. I was delighted by Garrik Nathius' Commedia dell' Alchemic. Only recently I observed that this was the only other reference to the Commedia in your work that I have seen. I began wondering, since I am unfamiliar with alchemical meanings, if there was some precedent for investing the pantomime characters with those meanings. (since it seems to be understood that they played a role in the trilogy.) I still presume that you invented Nathius' game yourself; but is there a connection to be found between alchemy and the pantomime outside of your personal mythology?

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