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a collection of beauty

From: Stephanie, Murfreesboro, TN


I stumbled across _Griffin & Sabine_ in a bookstore, totally unaware of what i had just found. I flipped though it, thought "hey, this is interesting," and ended up reading it there in the aisle. I bought it and _golden mean_, the only two in stock, and went home and devoured them, like a starving person given fine desserts. the next day another frenetic bookstore search turned up _the venetian's wife_, which i forced myself to read slowly, over a week, savoring it.

my god, I have fallen in love with these words and images that you've created. I sent _G&S_ to a dear friend who i've had a correspondence with for four years. He felt the same. Somehow, your books have articulated something so beautiful and magnificent that it makes my soul ache. I sort of feel that we as people are a collection of the beautiful and ghastly and sad and touching things that we see, read, hear...like a giant scrapbook of what our world is. These books have made my world a more beautiful, bearable, richer place.

I am sure you are fawned over all the time, but please don't doubt the sincerity of my gratitude for your work. Thank you.

Last changed: December 11, 2005