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Questions abt the Gryphon

From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hi Nick, it's me again. i finally read "The Gryphon" today and i was blown away by it. it was well worth the wait. i love it to the very last bit. but i'm puzzled by a few perplexing issues in the plot. i know u disdain offering direct answers to ur story, but i hope u can give me a more definite direction as to understanding the mystery.

1) who exactly is Frolatti(and his dark angels)? is he some kind of personification of evil, perhaps the Devil himself?

2) what is the significance of Pharos Arch?

3) did G & S undergo an alchemical marriage like the archetypal red king and white queen, thus merging into one, like the Divine Androgyne?

4) what does the gryphon has to do with the whole plot?

5) what or where is Paolo, the residence of G&S? what is its significance?

6) did G&S enter into another world, somewhere beyond our physical one, yet still able to maintain contact with this one?

7) what has Mercury got to do with the story? why did Sabine invoked him? is it alchemy?

8) was the burglar at Matthew's house a work of Frolatti? was he looking for the set of correspondence by G&S and why?

well these are just some queries that popped in my head as i was reading the book. if u can, pls answer them. i'll be most grateful.

God Bless JER

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