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Re: Just hello from Scotland!

From: Barbara


Actually we had troubles getting the train because of some strike in the subway -if I weren't French I would say AN AWFUL LOT about that...

We finally made it and when we got home I showed my (your) books to the people we were invited to and I think that you are going to have new readers! They will read them in French, which I think can be a loss as compared as the original, but better that than not knowing your work at all!

By the way, tomorrow is the 6th of December and in the East of France it's a traditional feast on which children get gingerbreads and clementines if they have been good over the year. In French it's called "La Saint Nicolas". It has nothing to do with the rest of my message, but it's the day I prefer in the whole year and not many people know about it so I wanted to share that (especially that I am so far away from home). If you or somebody else wants to know more about it -there's a whole legend going with it- I'll be glad to talk about it!

Concerning my email address, it's barbaraklock@yahoo.co.uk, so feel free to contact me anytime you want to..

Thank you again for being so nice and easy to reach, I really feel like someone special for getting to know you.

All the Best, Barbara

Last changed: December 11, 2005