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Hello From Melissa (but do you remember our phone conversation for April 1997?)

From: Melissa (Illinois, US)



You called me in April 1997 regarding my interest in "The Venetian's Wife." I was heartbroken when I couldn't get the money for the option, and even more so when I saw that Green Moon Productions (Banderas and Griffith) had acquired it. But much to my delight I see that the option is back with you. Since I have worked hard getting my film production company (Scaramouche Productions, Inc.) in the mainstream (well not in the mainstream, but definitely not on the shore either), I think that I may be able to arrange the option money now. But enough shop talk.

I would like to tell you again how much I love your work. It seems that each of your books mirrors my love life at the time. "Griffin & Sabine" was a surprise, but then along came "The Venetian's Wife," and I thought that I was dreaming. Now I've read "Gryphon" and I'd like to know if you are watching my life from a higher plane. The books all have such a haunting allure for me. I can't wait for the next book.

I hope to be in touch with you (or your agent) soon.

With great admiration and respect, Melissa

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