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From: Mimi, US


I'll try to keep this as to the point as possible...I am 23 and I was diagnosed two years ago with a slow, but rare, growing cancer called carcinoid syndrome. Last summer I underwent a life or death heart surgery that put me in a coma, sent me wildly into dilusions and made it so I couldn't talk or whisper until the last days of my six week stay in the hospital. I deal with this cancer everyday and watch as people around me die from various forms of cancer. As I lie in bed tonight trying to get to sleep but weeping in fear I remember The Musuem at Pergutory. As an intelligent person I value your ideas and I'm curious about what you really think of the afterlife. I've always seen it as just another layer in a many layered process we go through. This layer is physical while the next layer may be mainly spiritual. How did you do your research for Musuem? I'd be very interested to hear you views.


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