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From: Jeremy   Singapore


Hey Nick, sorry to bother u with my personal problems, but i feel that you're the only one capable of helping me in this situation. well, i've just finished my A level exams. they're kinda like a major gateway to the university. i feel that i'll probably not do very well for this exam and i might not make it to the local university. the thing is, if that really happens, i dunno where to go. i know that my passion is in the Arts, but i'm not sure if it's wise to go straight into it and establish it as my lifelong career. i want something, but i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to get it. the other alternatives i have besides the uni is a local art college and the choice of going overseas for further studies. part of me wants the latter option, becos the prospect of widening my horizon and experiencing life out in the world entices me. furthermore, my girlfren's in Canada, so i have the opportunity to see her everyday if supposedly i choose Canada as my choice. however, i'll need a lot of money if i further my studies overseas, but i'm constantly stricken with poverty. this is a time of change and transition for me and the future seems uncertain and a little scary. i want to pursue my love and passion, but i'm not sure if the world and society at large have a place for me. the reason i'm turning to u is becos u're my hero and inspiration. i'm encouraged by your attitude and bravery. you are such a successful artist and i wanna be like u. but i'm not sure if i have to talent. please give me some direction, Nick. thanks a million. JER

PS: this also goes out to anyone who's able to help me out.

Last changed: December 11, 2005