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Shadow Dreams (NetherDreams)

From: Tracy, PA


Greetings and Salutations, What can I say... I have been corresponding to someone who I had a dream about 2 1/2 yrs ago> I recently flew up to meet him on a whim in TO, Canada... he was at the book signing at Univ. Of Toronto> he gave me the signed book, "Griffin & Sabine" when I arrived... (We are cosmically matched) He and I have a very strange relationship with the characters in all of the books up to and including, "The Gryphon" > 3 Strange things have happend #1- I was distraught being back from TO and in PA.. I had just found this amazing man and he I were now apart so I drew a picture with no form or intent... (I am an artist he an Ecology major in the process of getting his PHD at TO Univ.) The next morning I paged through, "Griffin & Sabine", I found on a postcard the very dragon I had drawn the night before.. it scared the livivng crap out of me... I almost threw it across the room.. the book that is:) I went out and bought the rest of the Trilogy (so do you pay the powers that be to promote for you:) The next day I have a day dream about Alexis and I on a camel... I bought, "The Gryphon" just last night> low and behold I am reading the next morning... there is the camel postcard> and all these uncanny relations he and I share with the characters.. be it male or female ..reversed etc.> a few pages later the White Lilies... I had just sent to him... I could have chosen any flower... > my intent here is namely one of observation as I have nothing to gain by lying to you... Alexis brought up the idea of traveling to Egypt... this is where we begin and where my thoughts rest.. I will write more in the near future. My life has been altered in such a short time by people I don't even know... these visions.. this testament of beauty and love... how has this come to be? Regards, Tracy

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