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Re: NICK ASKS: Voyerism

From: Halcyon - USA


Hello Nick, I do not beleive the nature of voyerism has changed. The real life shows are not what I consider voyerism. They have invited you into their lives. They even sit down and tell you what they think of their own situation. They are constantly reminded that they are being watched. When you find your mothers old love letters, or your mother finds your childhood diary, or walking down the street and looking into the windows of homes you pass. These things are voyerism. These things allow a sence of the unexpected. The possibility for wonderful treasures, great stabbing pain or something inbetween can happen, when you find yourself exploring a place you where not invited to and hopefully no one knows you are there. I also do not beleive voyerism is bad. Yet you must be responsible for the consiquences of your intrusion. I have had my own personal love letters read that caused the intruder great pain. Yet, I have read my mothers old love letters and found great joy. When you put toughts to paper you are in a way laying it out there to be discovered, and that is the risk and maybe the pleasure of doing so.

Halcyon (yes this is my real name ~smile~)

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