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Missing Missing Nose Flute

From: Tyson - Beaver Meadow


Hey Nick,

I must say, if someone asked me what my favorite NB book would be, I would have to declare it a draw between The Museum at Purgatory and The Egyptian Jukebox. Jukebox was responsible for starting the whole NB thing for me, but I think Museum really struck a chord with the collections theme. Anyway, my own variation on the collections theme is NB books. I've pretty much got them all with the exception of the missing 'Missing Nose Flute'. This is slowly driving me crazy. I've come across one set for sale, but it was incomplete (not really a collection at all!). I was wondering how many of these sets were made, and who published and/or distributed them. I must have them all! It's becoming a healthy obsession.

Thanks, Tyson

Last changed: December 11, 2005